be·come /bəˈkəm/ -  to realize what you want to be and actively exude and pursue that.

Become is a Clothing, Film, and Performance movement that embodies traditional practices from the African Diaspora and merges it into a modern context that transcends to and for those who are often times overlooked and ignored. 

Becoming is to Consume... 

With a mild form of ADD and belief exceeding the realities of her neighborhood, Bentrice Jusu founded Become after her hesitancy to pursue her artistic passions and talents. After realizing that she was spending more time training and growing young artists in Both Hands: The Artlet, rather than developing her own artwork, Jusu underwent retrospection and got to work.

Becoming is to Create...

Becoming is Change

 Be & Become


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    Bentrice Jusu    Founder & Ceo    Become  ™

  Bentrice Jusu Founder & Ceo Become